3 Tips for Relaxed Engagement & Couple Photos

November 20, 2020

Let’s great straight to it! Here are my 3 tips for non-awkward photos (because who wants to look like an awkward potato wearing an engagement ring amirite?!).

  1. Wear something comfortable. If you are not feeling good in your outfit (or wedding dress!), no matter how cute it looks, you’re not gonna like your photos. Choose something that compliments your body and shows off your personality, and never feel that you HAVE to buy a whole new outfit for your engagement photos. Most likely, your favourite outfit is already in your wardrobe! (See how I even helped you save a couple pounds too).

2. Choose a quiet location or shoot at sunrise. If you don’t want an audience staring at you getting all intimate, flee from them! Not only will you have beautiful backdrops without tourists or people licking ice creams, but you’ll be less distracted and more relaxed for your photos.

3. HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER YOU VIBE WITH!! You’re basically on the search for your favourite third-wheeler. You want something who cheers you on, makes you feel confident and someone you’re comfortable hanging out with.

If you and me were to hang out, where shall we goooo, what do we eat?!

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