9 Tips for Confetti Photos on your Wedding Day// A Bride’s Guide

January 6, 2020

I love photographing confetti photos at weddings! In fact, I LIVE for confetti shots and always believe that the more confetti the merrier it is. After photographing many receiving lines, I’ve gathered my top tips for creating the best confetti pics.

1. Check whether your confetti has to be biodegradable!

Of course biodegradable confetti would be ideal, but I’ve learnt that it can also come with a price tag. So before you go for the cheaper, non-biodegradable alternative, don’t forget to check with your wedding venue their rules on confetti. Throwing confetti which is non-biodegradable may be regarded as littering so don’t let your wedding venue ruin the fun!

2. DIY your confetti or collect your own flower petals to save some ££.

One of my brides collected her own flower petals for her wedding and not only did she have gorgeous full petals, she also made loads of fun memories with her family in the process of picking the petals together. Another idea is to ‘hole punch’ some leaves or collect lavender sprigs/rosemary/olive leaves for biodegradable confetti without the price tag. If you’re planning on DIY-ing your own confetti, make sure you plan in advance as you’ll need time to dry out your petals/foliage.

3. Want a spin on traditional ‘flower-y’ confetti?

Your wedding day is ALLL about YOU. So inject your own personality into your receiving line and think about some fun alternatives to confetti, such as bubbles, sparklers, rice, colourful streamers, or even smoke bombs!


Colourful confetti shows up wayyy more against white dresses, whereas white/neutral confetti doesn’t tend to pop as much. If bold colours aren’t your style, you can choose a neutral colour palette and pick just one bold colour to add to the mix.

5. If in doubt, get more confetti.

Make it rainnnn all over baby.

6. Confetti logistics.

Make sure you’ve got someone to coordinate your receiving line, such as one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen (preferably someone who has a loud and clear voice to get everyone into position). Your coordinator should gather your guests into two lines and make sure everyone has a handful of confetti so they’re all ready to shower you with their lurrrrve.

7. Handing out your confetti

If you don’t want to waste packaging, consider dumping all your confetti into a box and passing that box down the line instead of making individual paper cones/plastic wrappers which will be tossed in the bin afterwards.

8. Don’t forget to kiss!

That epic shot. I’ll be there to remind you of this, friends.

9. Remember that moment.

Hold tight that feeling of confetti falling down on your face with your boo as your family and friends surround you. This moment is so quick and SO FULL of emotions and pure joy. So really live in the moment and I’ll catch the rest.

heather sham x

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