Safari Photos at Tiger Lodge Port Lympne Safari Park, Kent

July 19, 2019

a few weeks ago, i had the most amazing experience with my family, staying at the port lympne safari park all the way in…..kent! if you can’t be bothered to read this whole post, get this: I FED A FREAKIN GIRAFFE!!!

when we arrived, we were taken to our own private lodge, decorated with safari aesthetics + featuring two mighty floor-to-ceiling glass windows in the living room and our bedroom, where outside two tiger sisters would be striding around. first thing i did was the ‘knock test’ to see if the window was sturdy, and i’d say it sounded pretty solid. it can be difficult seeing the tigers from your window as the tigers’ enclosure was so big, so we were lucky to encounter them from up close (even if it was a brief 10 minutes!). we even enjoyed our outdoor hot tub in the evening + luckily no tigers came to say hi during then!

the port lympne grounds were so big we were given our own golf buggy to explore the animal enclosures scattered around the park. if you’re not going for a safari experience, there are still so many animals to see whenever you like! upon exploring the grounds, we also came across a gorgeous pink moroccan courtyard, a giant outdoor maze, and even befriended a peacock.

the mighty food topic: 10/10. everything was beautifully cooked and the dining area was stunning, covered with hand-painted murals on the ceilings + walls. of course, i got a cheeseboard for dessert and it did not fail.

the cherry on top of this whole stay has got to be our private safari tour. we had the friendliest tour guide who taught us so much about the animals living at the park + was so passionate about what he does. we also had the privilege of feeding one of the giraffes + getting up close and personal with her. just no words.

the port lympne hotel also holds weddings, so if any of y’all animal lovers are getting hitched, i’d so be down to visiting again + documenting it all!

heather sham x

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