skye and reg// studio


i was overjoyed that skye and reg paid a visit to my house a few weeks back for a cheeky photoshoot which has been long overdue. see here and here for the photoshoot we did when reg was still a teeny one!


i got skye to bring along the cheeky man himself and his favourite toy, i supplied the bubbles, cornflakes and ukulele, and reg brought the fun and cuteness overload. we had a blast the entire afternoon and i’m so pleased with all the pictures we got.


reg is such a joy to photograph. he is always smiling, he listens when i tell him to sit on a box and eat his cornflakes with his toy dog in front of him, and always looks into the darn camera. and did i mention he is literally the most handsome baby ever?



skye also jumped in for a few photos holding the guitar whilst i handed the ukulele to reg. however halfway through, reg insisted on swapping for the bigger guitar with a kiss.


skye and i had also planned to shoot some photos for her to paint that afternoon (skye is a v talented artist btw). it involved lemons and so reg, being reg, came back to steal the show by demonstrating how he could eat a lemon cutely.


-heather sham

anya// richmond park (part ii)


once anya busted out her white jacket and apple purse, i immediately saw another vision. so much so i edited this set of wheat field photos with a different vibe: muted colours and earthy tones yesssss.


i originally envisioned clear blue skies for a vibrant contrast, but i guess the clouds added a dramatic look to these photos instead. tell me these almost look like a modern zara campaign.


after saying goodbye to the wheat fields, anya and i headed towards the gardens for a different look and a new outfit.



we played amongst the spring leaves and blooms and got some precious detail shots. also check out that bokeh – my insides are screaming.

and to top it off, my fave shot from the gardens:


-heather sham

anya// richmond park (part i)



anya (@anyamegan) is a dancer, a giggler, and a special gal i met last year when i went to south korea. as creatives, we instantly clicked and framed a mood board around beautiful earthy tones, dance, and freedom.


we made richmond park our location, and though the gloomy british weather did not permit blue skies, we championed through it and made the most of it.



finding this patch of golden wheat field was a trek and a half. we made the most of our time and shot along the way to finding this place, but when we got here i was so excited to make our vision come alive. i remember thinking ‘man, that walk was definitely worth it’.


and can i just say, anya is literally gifted with the most perfect posture which made her such a joy to photograph.


-heather sham

the rouge collection// part ii


the long awaited part 2 of the rouge collection is finally up! this look was definitely my favourite out of the whole shoot. i managed to cop this red leather-look jacket off misguided and styled it with my sister’s shades.



as our creative juices started flowing, joen and i began building on top of this look. first, we added some polaroids as props…


…then lemons. (we love primary colours.)



to add to the vibe of this shoot, two soft boxes were used either side of the model along with the built in flash on my camera to get a real clean look.



-heather sham