Natural Light, Documentary In-Home Newborn Family Lifestyle photos in North London, UK// The So Family

November 21, 2019

I’m not sure you’re ready for this bucket-load of cuteness, but read on anyhow.

My youth leaders from church (back when I was like 13 years old) are now parents i.e. they’re responsible for a tiny (and v good looking) human. Meet Mr Noah So at 7 days fresh, loving life once he has a full belly. As well as snapping these family portraits, I had the privilege of getting some cuddles in and watching Friends with my new homie Noah as his parents caught a quick nap.

As I photograph more and more newborns, I’m becoming more noticeable of their baby fluff on their shoulders, their flaky fresh skin and their juicy rolls. Can you tell I couldn’t stop photographing all that plus Noah’s full head of hair?! I’m in love with the simplicity of these white linen portraits and how beautiful the natural light was in this apartment.

Thank you Ash + CG for giving me the honour of photographing your new family, you made a pretty cute kid. And Noah, I’m awaiting our next cuddle and Netflix quality time.

heather sham x

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