A long-distance Malaysian couple’s moody, earthy and adventurous Engagement Photos in rainy Peak District, Sheffield UK// Yeekuan + Jack

June 24, 2019

yeekuan + jack are from malaysia and met in sheffield. after being in a long distance relationship for 2.5 years (and spending most of their holiday leave to see each other), jack proposed to yeekuan on the guitar + sang a song with the lyrics hand-illustrated in a notepad. a month later, we were organising this adventurous session before jack had to head back to malaysia.

there was sun, there was rain. there were clouds, wind, golden hour + laughter. (lots of laughter).

we started off our adventure by accidentally coming across a beautiful blanket of bluebells when we walked the wrong way. back on our route, we headed to the woodland + when we found the perfect little spot, jack, who had been hiking with his guitar, finally whipped it out to recreate their proposal. the acoustics were surprisingly good in the woods + it was magical as the two worshipped Jesus amongst the stillness of nature + as slits of sun warmed the air. it was a moment in my photography career i’ll never forget.

after adventuring by the streams, we jumped back into the car, had a quick outfit change + a bite before heading to more vastness of land. our original intention was to squeeze in a golden hour session but instead, thick clouds + spitting rain covered the skies. thankfully, yeekuan + jack’s spirits were not dampened + they embraced every inch of the weather by running around with helium balloons from their proposal, dancing, laughing, and snuggling together. you see them wearing short sleeves, but i was behind the camera in a down jacket with my hood up!

at the end of the session we were determined to chase the sun, and quite literally did that by jumping in the car with hot air on full blast + driving towards the goldenness in the far distance. you best believe we succeeded, and that was the icing on top of this amazing session.

oh, and there was one more ‘first’ in my photography career – i got treated to bubble tea at the end of our session!!!! like what the heck?! i freakin love these guys!!

heather sham x

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