8 Tips for Beautiful & Authentic Getting Ready Photos on your Wedding Day

January 24, 2020

Your getting ready space is important. I don’t care what anyone says! Not only will you be making memories there with your bridesmaids or groomsmen, or taking dreamy photos of yourself all glammed up, you will be getting ready for YOUR WEDDING there. So it’s important that you also think about your getting ready space when planning for your big day.

1. Rent an Airbnb with plenty of natural light.

If your home or wedding venue isn’t an option to get ready in, you got options!! Consider looking for an Airbnb flooded with natural light and big windows. Airbnbs not only have cute vibes and decor, but I’ve had couples who have rented locations which also have beautiful outdoor spaces for group photos.

2. Make sure your getting ready locations aren’t too far from each other or to your ceremony venue.

I can only be in one place at a time so I want to minimise the travel time between you and your partner’s getting ready spaces. One of my couples chose to get ready on different floors of their wedding venue so I was able to run between rooms easily and document things as they flow.

3. Leave enough time to get ready.

It takes longer than you think to put on a wedding dress (especially because it’s not an everyday job lol) and to button or lace up the back of your dress. Even that buttonhole can a fiddly challenge. Remember to build in some buffer time in your wedding timeline. It will be helpful when things go wrong or missing, for last minute touch ups, and to take a deep breath and relax.

4. Keep your getting ready space clutter free (or at least the room where you will put on your dress!)

It’s hard to minimise mess, especially when excitement is up in the air! But having a clean getting ready space will make epic photos – there’ll be no distractions in the background so all eyes will be on you.

5. Place your wedding details in a shoebox.

The first thing I’ll do when I turn up is give you a massive hug. Then, I’ll get to photographing your details including your wedding rings, perfume, stationery, jewellery and shoes. For the groom, it will be details like your tie, cufflinks and shoes. It’s helpful if you put all your items into a box so I can get straight to photographing them before you need it.

6. Have a bottle of champagne or beer to get the celebrations rolling.

Stock up on some drinks for some fun getting ready photos.

7. Choose a space which tells your wedding story.

You want your gallery and images to flow, so consider incorporating elements of your wedding day story into your space. For example, if you’re going for a minimalist wedding, consider a light and airy space. If your wedding day is chic & stylish, consider a space with maximalist decor, exceptional design & moody lighting.

8. It’s a bonus if your getting ready location has an outdoor space.

We can take allll your bridal party pics outside or even do your first look there.

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