10 Tips for planning an Eco friendly Wedding// Green Wedding Ideas

March 4, 2020

The other day, I was talking to a friend who’s getting married in a few months time. She shared that she wanted her wedding to be as eco friendly as possible by recycling and minimising waste. As we chatted a bit more, it became pretty clear that an eco wedding didn’t mean you had to necessarily skimp on things looking beautiful.

We came up with a few ideas which I decided to round up into a blog post for my couples, so we can all be mindful of our earth whilst planning for the pArTy oF yOuR LiVeS.

P.s. You can also check out my Pinterest board here for more eco friendly wedding ideas.

1. Consider your favours and place cards.

Make them useful for your guests. If your favours or place cards serve a purpose, your guests are more likely to take them home (and you’ll have less waste!). One of my brides used photos as place cards which guests could take home after. Another of my brides had matchbox favours which doubled up as place cards and I thought it was freakin genius.

2. Plan ahead if you want to collect things.

If you want to upcycle and reuse items, then you must plan your decor ahead to know which pieces of treasure to collect. Some ideas of things you can collect include pieces of wood from a renovation project turned into signs/table centrepieces, and pretty paper as confetti cones. You can even consider collecting glass jars or beer bottles to display your flowers in.

3. Paperless wedding invites.

I’m all for wonderful stationery and lurrrve photographing it with all your other details. But if you want to save some trees then consider paperless post for your wedding invites or save the dates.

4. DIY confetti.

I wrote a blog post not long ago with some eco friendly confetti options including biodegradable confetti. Read all about it here.

5. Go for a venue which requires minimal decoration.

If you’re planning to have your wedding in Mother Nature, you probably don’t need much decorating 😉 Venues for a woodland wedding like Wickerwood farm, an elopement deep in a forest, or a reception in the middle of a vineyard don’t require much to look pretty.

You can also opt for boutique hotels or beautifully styled restaurants which look amazing with the addition of a few candles. If you’re planning a London wedding, you have endless options!

6. Embrace the minimalist look.

Reduce the amount of things you buy by embracing one or two feature pieces, like a floral arch or floral installation hanging from above. Keep the rest of your decor simple with wild flowers & candles.

7. Hire, don’t buy.

If you do want to add a sparkle to your venue, consider hiring pieces. Chances are your venue has a TON of things you can hire for your own wedding such as chalkboards (so you won’t end up piling half your wedding decor in your garage). You can even find a wedding decorative hire supplier such as Wilderness Prop Hire for unique pieces – they’ve basically done all the hard work for you! Make sure to enquire with your suppliers too – florists usually hire out their glassware along with their flowers.

8. Borrow from your married friends!

Chances are your friends probably have a few pieces dotted all around their house from their wedding. Stuff like photo frames and card boxes, ribbon, twine and fabric. Reuse all that gold.

9. AFTER your wedding…donate your flowers.

Know a friend getting married after you? Upcycle and turn your bouquets/centrepieces into confetti for their wedding. Consider donating your flowers to care homes or hospitals too and extend your celebrations in that way.

10. Plan for AFTER your wedding.

If you really want to reduce waste efficiently, you must make a post-wedding plan. You’ll likely be heading off to your honeymoon the next day so make sure your people know exactly what to do with the pieces.

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