Cute, Romantic Summer Engagement Photos at Bushy Park, London during Sunset with deer// Jess + King

October 22, 2019

I photographed Jess + King’s proposal in Manchester back in January this year and I’m SO darn excited to share with you their official engagement pics from this summer. We basically waited half a year for the beautiful weather and gurl, it did not disappoint.

Jess + King loved Studio Ghibli and a sprinkle of magic dust, so we created these whimsical engagement photos during golden hour at one of my all-time favourite parks. The hay looked wonderfully golden during the sunset and we were so blessed to catch the last of the summer sun this year (without coats and scarves anyway). I suggested doing our shoot together at this location because of the deer which would add an element of whimsical-ness to their gallery. And heck yes, we did find Bambi and friends. One of the male deer even ‘moo-ed’ at us and nearly chased us out of our spot…but that’s a story for another time.

I’m also super glad I brought along my picnic mat because look how much magic these two created with it! – laid down, cuddled up, even parachuted. Thanks guys for always trying something new and going along with my crazy ideas. It’s been a blast.

I met Jess + King at church since I was a young one and served with them on various occasions in youth camps and on the worship team. So what a privilege it is to see their love for God and His church grow, as well as capturing their love. Happy wedding planning guys, it’s gonna be a fun ride.

heather sham x

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