Cute and relaxed Spring Family photos under the Cherry Blossom Trees at Greenwich Park, London UK// The Kan Family

May 15, 2019

this has got to be one of the most joyful of family sessions to blog about! summer last year, i shot a maternity session with wendy + ka lok around their home, and spring this year i was able to shoot a family session with them, with the adorable addition of little abigail. i love that with my job, i can journey with families + document each of their milestones.

we had planned this session early on in the year so that we could catch the cherry blossoms right in their season, and we happened to be spot on! the flowers were plump + abigail had so much fun pulling on them too lol. this park also happens to be the prime place for instagrammers getting ‘the shot’, so we headed over early in the morning to avoid the traffic + it paid off because we were left with such beautiful candy pink family photos.

abigail is at the fun age where she will give you all the cute giggles – and we found that they were the best when she was thrown into the air. as a result, wendy + ka lok may or may not have done a load of arm exercises during our session together!

thank you, kan family, for giving me the pleasure of spending the morning with you + capturing these adorable images! abigail is the cutest little girl + i’m so glad you agreed to throw her up in the air so many times!! woop, you guys rock!

heather sham x

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