Covent Garden & Regents Park Engagement photos// Natalie + Chen Yang

October 30, 2019

Natalie + Chen Yang met in school when they were in Singapore and have known each other for 10 years, of which 8 of those years they were together and so in loveeeee.

For their engagement photos, they really wanted something to capture the essence of London so we decided to go on a little photo walk between Covent Garden and Regents Park. We quite literally chased the sunset on our feet and once we got to the park, the skies were a beautiful cotton candy pink colour. Natalie’s white dress (which arrived in her mail on the morning of our session) also created MAGIC with every movement.

For reals though, I actually love these two so frickin much. It was easy to find a common interest between me and these lovebirds (it was good ole Korean food. I even sent Natalie a list of Korean places to go in New Malden for future reference.) and they went all out spinning around, running down streets and trying weird poses.

Something I must really share about Natalie + Chen Yang is how their proposal went down (oh, and Chen Yang was very proud of how he proposed). On Christmas eve, Natalie and Chen Yang went iceskating with their friends at Somerset House. Props to Chen Yang because somehow he managed to clear everyone off the ice for 3 minutes whilst Natalie remained confused as to why everyone got off the rink but she and Chen Yang could stay. Of course, it was at this perfect (and time-constrained) moment that Chen Yang got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. How flipping perfect is that?! Chen Yang even got his friends to document it for them with his DSLR camera, but funnily enough his friend didn’t know how to use the camera and all the pics came out blurry. On the other hand, his other friend used their trusty iPhone and they had great pics there. But get this, Chen Yang even set up a GoPro for extra footage but that failed too because it didn’t start recording until they were leaving to go home and it somehow recorded all their talk and reactions after the proposal instead.

Yeah, I pretty much aww’ed and died of laughter at the same time listening to this proposal story.

Natalie + Chen Yang, your genuine, authentic characters and energy brought our time together so alive (I couldn’t even tell you guys were nervous for your first couples session). THANK YOU for giving me the honour of photographing your love and being such beautiful people to hang out with.

heather sham x

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