hi, my name is heather sham.

first and foremost, i love cheese. write it down.

secondly, i’m chinese, from london , and currently studying for her law degree at university. i love colour, creating, travelling, baking, and did i mention, cheese?

i tend to think that my existence is random but am constantly reminded that it is not. i am placed where i am, with the people i am with, all for a reason. nothing here is random. and this website is a reflection of me living out God’s perfectly curated plan, for heather sham.

in the production of this creative outlet, the photos are shot mainly on my iPhone 6, my nifty olympus pen e-pl7, and canon 7d. you can also follow along on my instagram @hevacado (personal) and @byheathersham (portfolio)

shoot me a message for shoots/collaborations/letting me know your favourite cheese.