A Travel Guide to Tsim Tsha Tsui in Hong Kong: local attractions, pineapple buns and restaurants

March 7, 2019

upon landing in hong kong, i said to my mum, ‘i really want to try a traditional buttered pineapple bun’. two weeks later, we met up with our friend sarah who took us on a tram ride across the bustling streets of hong kong. we got off at the last stop, walked past ‘hoi mei street’ where they sold dried seafood + walked towards tsui wah, a traditional tea restaurant, who were known for their hot, crispy pineapple buns.

we sat down + my pineapple bun soon arrived with a thick slab of butter on the side. i don’t know if i was naive or out of touch with my roots, but i had always thought that you were supposed to lightly butter the inside of the buns using the slab given. oh how wrong i was – i was shown the REAL way to eat the bun, which was to wedge the entire slab of 0.5cm thick of butter into the middle. at this point, i was most likely thinking ‘is this bun worth dying for?’. i’ll leave it up for you to decide.

to unblock my arteries after consuming a slab of butter, we hiked numerous steps around ‘lan kwai fong’ (i.e. the party district), passing by some rails which had obviously been loved on by an avid knitter. as it got dark, we took a ferry across to tsim sha tsui + delighted in the christmas lights. personally, i’d say they were more impressive than the oxford street lights.

p.s. hong kong is so interesting it had me loving street photography. ok, you got me mayn.

heather sham x

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