zunen// covent garden


‘yooooo’ is how this guy right here starts all his convos, and all his posts on his blog lifefromdust.com (check it out now!). having attended his 22nd bday a few years back whilst not really knowing him, we followed each other on instagram, before zunen hollered at me a few years later wanting to do a collab. say whaaaat!!


as creatives, zunen reached out to tell my story on his blog on how i keep my passion for creating alive, whilst i had the joy of photographing him around covent garden. we grabbed pub grub for lunch and then moved around for a chill, urban shoot. not gonna lie, i was put out of my comfort zone having to shoot in the heart of london and its buzz. surely i’m not the only one who feels weird when people stare at me shoot, or otherwise feel like i might get robbed whilst distracted shooting. but hey ho, at least i didn’t have to pose in the middle of london lol.



tbh, i didn’t know what to expect before this shoot. firstly, i had never shot with a male model (i was searching for male poses on pinterest frantically the night before). secondly, i never saw covent garden as much of a grand shoot location. but man was i glad the sun came out (hello beautiful flare), and all fell into place. i guess the madness of this shoot was also owed to zunen who was dressed for this location – his green jacket and green sneakers literally match the market’s colour. see for yourself:


i told you so. oh wait i turned two of them into black and white.


we then moved to a cafe called le pain quotidien for a cappuccino and chai tea. it is sweetly located in covent garden and has a second floor so you can overlook the market.



it was here that stories and testimonies came to life, and here that we exchanged encouragements to keep creating and refining our crafts. if there is one thing that zunen has reminded me, it is that we are created to create. amen brother.


-heather sham

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