skye and reg// studio


i was overjoyed that skye and reg paid a visit to my house a few weeks back for a cheeky photoshoot which has been long overdue. see here and here for the photoshoot we did when reg was still a teeny one!


i got skye to bring along the cheeky man himself and his favourite toy, i supplied the bubbles, cornflakes and ukulele, and reg brought the fun and cuteness overload. we had a blast the entire afternoon and i’m so pleased with all the pictures we got.


reg is such a joy to photograph. he is always smiling, he listens when i tell him to sit on a box and eat his cornflakes with his toy dog in front of him, and always looks into the darn camera. and did i mention he is literally the most handsome baby ever?



skye also jumped in for a few photos holding the guitar whilst i handed the ukulele to reg. however halfway through, reg insisted on swapping for the bigger guitar with a kiss.


skye and i had also planned to shoot some photos for her to paint that afternoon (skye is a v talented artist btw). it involved lemons and so reg, being reg, came back to steal the show by demonstrating how he could eat a lemon cutely.


-heather sham

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