the rouge collection


having seen endless red-on-red shoots over instagram and pinterest, i finally pulled the plug and scored a red backdrop off ebay for less than a tenner. i knew this shoot was now or never because of valentines day and chinese new year this month. my only concern was looking for a model…but low and behold, enter joen, aka kimchi, aka @jplondonkorea.


kimchi and i (or springroll as she calls me) met a long way back when she was the ‘new girl’ at our school and i was told by my teacher to show her around for the day. as kimchi still reminds me, i forgot about her after one of the lessons and left her to her own devices, contrary to what i was instructed to do. it’s ok though, cos she still loves me.


believe it or not, kimchi is not actually a model (i know right, wasted material). but what she did have, was the awkwardness and enthusiasm to help me bring my ideas to life. you’ll realise from these photos that kimchi prefers to model with props. the rose was actually a plastic one i bought from ikea, but the krispy kreme donut was real – don’t worry boys and girls.


this was my first ever shoot with kimchi so i didn’t know what styles she’d rock in. i got these following pieces from missguided, and to my surprise (or not), kimchi rocked in everything.


stay tuned for the second part of the rouge collection – they’re my favourite set from this shoot!

-heather sham

how to get out of a creative rut in a month

time flies when you’re having fun?? two question marks because although this month has truly flown by, it’s largely consisted of me procrastinating about my dissertation (which was very confusing btw) and also trying to figure out how i should deal with february cos it’s such a limbo month.

it’s always a difficult balance between law and creating, and that’s why some months i tend to lean more towards one of them. it just so happens that i was also stuck in a creative rut these past few weeks but…march is just round the corner (think blossoms and butterflies and all that new growth stuff) and i just upgraded to a new camera this month. so as february closes to an end, i wanted to share a few tips which helped me wriggle out of a creative rut.


be inspired by the word – even if i haven’t physically been creating, i’ve tried to use my mind creatively, by journaling and meditating on the scripture, re-writing verses in cursive or calligraphy, making some coloured swashes over the leaves of my bible. it also happens to be the most positive and life-affirming book out there. so give it a try!

chat to your friends – i’m always thankful for the people around me who are so filled with creativity and talent. when i share my troubles, they would always give me a kick and be sure to support me in my dreams – so go inspire each other!


always be on the lookout. be spontaneous too – inspiration strikes at the least expected times. some of my most favourite shoots happen to be places i just stumble across, like the cafe just above 180 the strand.

go out and explore. – sitting in your room staring at a blank wall isn’t that helpful. go out and be exposed to people, smells, tastes, experiences. when i went back to london last weekend for chinese new year, i was immediately swept over by inspiration again. p.s. look out for my chinese new year inspired photoshoot soon.


pick up a new hobby – try something new and distract yourself. connect with different people over a new hobby, be it a sport, music, writing, cooking. do something out of your comfort zone or something not routine. i’ve never been into sports myself, but surprisingly i’ve been finding my groove in squash with my flatmates lately.

self-care – you’re most likely stuck in a creative rut because you have overworked yourself and thought too hard about everything. get a haircut, read the book you’ve always wanted to, indulge in a cheese platter (don’t forget about the camembert).


stay calm – this is only a season. you will find your touch again. understand that it is ok to be in a creative rut, because it gives you time to renew yourself before embarking on another adventure. relax and take a deep breath. after all, you can’t achieve big dreams without the right mindset.


photos courtesy of kelly leow (@kelleow)

– heather sham

sooj x donuts// part ii


sooj (@soojiloves) has always been a good sport for my photography – being my model on-call, styling her own outfits, and eating 3 donuts for a studio shoot. oh, and also we call photoshoots ‘hanging out’. alright, calm down, i know we’re all jealous about this relationship here.

but real talk, we brought it to the next level with this shoot cos we got dem denim jeans and denim heels. say what?


i posted a quick one from this shoot a while ago (here) where i tried out something a little different by incorporating some graphic elements into the images. art has always been a part of me alongside photography, and as i grow and develop my own style, i’m always on the lookout to bind these two elements together.



when sooj busted out this outfit, i asked whether she had drawn inspiration from kim kardashian’s christmas cards this year. we laughed about it for 4 seconds, then ate some donuts.



-heather sham