i love photography – getting that bokeh, experimenting with light, different compositions, and of course the editing process. but sometimes, it’s nice also to be in front of the camera. i think that a lot of photographers struggle with this. we take beautiful portraits of people – making sure that the focus is on their eyes, the image is straight, there are no gnarly distractions in the background… but when it comes to pictures of ourselves, it’s not necessarily the quality of our work reflected back at us.

good thing i know i can always count on my good friend and photographer-bud kelly, also @kelleow on instagram.


i remember starting out on our passion for photography together, probably about 6/7 years ago when we were both still in secondary school. kelly would bring in her dslr (which was a big big deal back then) and we would take posed pictures of ourselves after church on a sunday. we would then write on each other’s walls on facebook to upload the photos asap and over-edit them all.


fast forward a bit, we both grew up and learnt how to travel independently using our children oyster cards. we started honing in on the concept of a photoshoot and getting some planning done before we embarked on each creative adventure. we learnt to be spontaneous and let inspiration strike us. we’d encourage each other to grow towards our passions…and still do.


it’s proving difficult to meet up and shoot together as we get older and pursue our respective degrees. however, i’m still thankful for the times we do get to meet and of course, for the perfect portraits she takes of me. i have this theory that we both have a similar creative eye for things, and that’s why we have become so compatible over the years.


the above pictures were taken by kelly around black friars and barbican conservatory in london, and edited by me.

-heather sham

2 thoughts on “barbican//@kelleow

  1. I totally agree with what you said! I LOVE photography too, but struggle to find someone to take photos for me. Whenever I travel, I usually take tons of photos for other people, leaving myself with little or none photos.

    Glad to know that you have a friend who shares the same interest as you do!


    1. yes, i’m so thankful for kelly! been there with the travel photos too, but i’ve learnt to love the awkward framings and out of focus shots these days! or maybe you could try setting up your shot first so all your friend has to do is click the button!


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