180 the strand


this is the last set of photos taken with etain, and probably my most favourite shoot to date. check out our previous shoots from that day herehere and here. and, once again, here we are affirming the fact that my most favourite shoots are the ones which are the most spontaneous.



this spot was actually a cafe located on the top floor of 180 the strand, which houses a contemporary exhibition called ‘everything at once’. the exhibition features sounds, visuals and movements, and highlights the use of creative media.


we were impressed by the exhibition, but we never expected to be just as wowed by their cafe. set at the top floor and overlooking the london skyline, we were able to get some pretty hip photos from the corner of the cafe. the construction works outside gave us interesting lights to play with, as did the neon logo at the corner of the wall.


i love the images in colour as it gives the effect of gels being used. (p.s. i can’t wait to start experimenting will gels and lighting). i didn’t even have to worry much about etain’s skin tone looking too over-saturated and red as it contributed to part of the v-i-b-e. however, i also found that these photos came out equally well using a black and white filter. i love that clean, sleek, editorial look it gives.

hashtag feelin’ it.

-heather sham

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