sooj x donuts


new year, new style.

the above images of sooj were taken just a few weeks before the peak of christmas in my living room. we had a simple studio set up with two soft boxes and a bag of donuts. and if you thought these were cute, wait till you see my next post.

for my new years resolution, i would love to become more experimental in my shooting and develop my own style. this season of change is the perfect time for me to go beyond what i can just about manage and embrace growth in this passion of mine.

january is a busy time for law students. deadlines are approaching for vacation schemes and training contracts (i.e. law jargon) but i don’t seem phased by it all. as much as i enjoy studying law and being challenged by its demands, i still truly feel as though my passion lies in the creative arts – i live for creating and making. but then there is the attraction of stability and capital to, in the future, start my own business (perhaps, who knows).

welcome, 2018. let’s see what’s in store for me these 365 days.

-heather sham

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