my dear grandma’s birthday 

i came back to london a few weeks ago to celebrate my grandmas birthday. it was a happy occasion filled with love, joy, and warmth from laughter and shared food. 
being at uni has made me more intentional in spending time with my family and really appreciating these big get togethers whilst we still have an opportunity to. 

my uncle recently got a new pup too – a cute 4 month old labrador called lily. we got to play with her and see some of the tricks she’s been trying to learn. my grandma also enjoyed using her limited english to tell lily to ‘wait a minute’ and ‘sit down’. 

my grandparents enjoy cooking a lot, even their birthday meals. they enjoy the comfort of eating at home and spending a relaxed evening with all of us. 

but this year, after cutting cake, we went to a friend’s restaurant for an incredibly tasty meal. we wanted our grandparents to truly take a break and to relax – and this was only possible if they were able to stay far away from the kitchen. 

maybe it’s life at uni, maybe it’s just the way it was – but the food we were served was like heaven on a plate. we had plates of crab, fried prawns, various other bits of seafood, chicken and rice infused by the chicken. 

we had such a fab time and every dish was ‘photoworthy’. 

the meal was tied up with a platter of banana fritters and vanilla ice cream. perfect. 

happy birthday dear grandma. wishing you good health and happiness everyday. we love you. 

-heather sham

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