5 things you should do right now

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1. check your bank statements 

taking control of your finances is the first step to growing up. check up on the ins and outs of your money so that you can plan efficiently and achieve your goals. mind you, it also helps detect any fraudulent behaviour in your account.

if you are reallyyyy into controlling your finances, and you still see little progress with that car you’ve been saving up for, try downloading a spending app on your phone to log and categorise where your money is going.

2. unsubscribe to irrelevant emails 

how often do you look over on your friend’s phone and see they have 1745 unread emails? or am i talking about your own phone? fair enough you like to stay up to date with the latest sales, but what is the point of subscribing to emails you know you will never read? it also helps to remove yourself from online shopping emails if you want to save money – it’s better not to know!

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3. brain dump 

journalling and writing is a healthy way to unload your brain and is particularly helpful for the over-thinkers. dedicate one of the notebooks you got from aunt betty for christmas to brain dumping. write in it when you wake up to refresh yourself, or at night so that your brain can stop dancing when you are trying to sleep. if brain dumping isn’t for you, try gratitude journalling – this will help you reflect and inhibit more positivity to your day.

4. chug a glass of water 

we all need a gentle reminder with this one. do it now!

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5. unplug

it’s ironic because i really want you to read my blog right now. but in this day and age, it is so important to unplug. not just because it has many health benefits, but it will help you not to overlook some of the more important things – quality time with your friends and family, realising that your instagram-able cake doesn’t just look nice but tastes like heaven, God’s beautiful creations…

-heather sham

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