the 5 minute hack

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do nothing for 5 minutes.

take a breather, stare into space, reset.


yepppp your phone, laptop, tablet, them weird watches that speak to you. in all seriousness, isolating yourself from the endless emails flowing in and the distraction of social media acts like a reset button. realise the beautiful and positive things that you’ve been missing out if you weren’t unplugged. enjoy it for 5 minutes.

compose yourself.

it’s monday morning, you’ve probably got a mountain of work sitting at your desk, your to-do list probably looks like a 7-year-old’s christmas wish list. and you just want to dive straight in and get lost in the stresses of it all. but stop! take 5 minutes out to just compose yourself and reassess your situation – realise that you’ll be fine, and that this is doable. this optimism will pull you through.

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mental unblocking

in this modern day and age, mental health cannot be stressed more. be true to your emotions and take time out to reflect, meditate and find peace. 5 minutes of doing nothing sounds minuscule and useless but if you give it a go you will realise how long 5 minutes really is, and that it’s pretty effective.


indulge in food you love, go for a walk around the block, get some well deserved rest, play with your dog, get some retail therapy in, explore a hobby you’re interested in, think about things you love. and if you don’t have enough time to do any of this, the 5 minute hack is just as effective in re-asserting some self love. this culture needs more love.

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we are God’s creation and we are wonderfully and fearfully made. love a precious child of God – yourself! 1 Corinthians 6:19 tells us that our bodies are temples of the holy spirit, who is in us. we are not our own and were bought at a price. therefore, we need to honour God with our bodies.

i.e. God says care about yourself. do this by developing talents that God has given you so you can serve others. make sure you’re physically and mentally healthy so that you can fight God’s battles. dwell into God’s word so you can learn of the plans and purposes God has for you. learn to love yourself so that you can love others – the fuller your heart, the more you can give to others.

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-heather sham

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