a love song for you

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pen – muji // journal – gift // watch and bracelet – daniel wellington

“did you know the Lord is celebrating you today? even now He is singing a love song over your life.”

when i read these words, it makes me feel oh yeah great God loves me. but when i think deeper and realise that i’m imperfect and have sinned in so many ways, i feel unworthy of the love song God is singing for me.

why would God sing about such a person like me? who am i to deserve this love? who am i to deserve God’s love so that He would send His one and only son Jesus to die for me?

during my devotions this morning, i read in james 4 that our lives are like a mist, and before we know it we’ll vanish from earth. this whole thing about love is not about us – it points towards God. this life we’re living: it’s not about us because our existence is so short, but it’s about God and His infinite existence. we all need to see this bigger picture.

God loves us purely because He is love. He is so great that He will love those who are imperfect and those who are sinners (that’s you and me by the way). we’re sinners, yes, but doesn’t that elevate God’s love so much more?

when i read these words now, i know it’s not about me – but God’s big fat love for me. God’s perfect love.

-heather sham


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