travel diary: the best bibimbap in korea

whilst in korea, michael and i dropped by a city called jeonju, after having spent the weekend in a massive bamboo forest in gwangju with my friends james and sean – read it here! we booked into a youth hostel last minute and upon having done no planning for our holiday and befriending the hostel manager, we were introduced to ‘hanguk jip’, a restaurant known for one of the best bibimbaps in town.

the restaurant was only a short walk away from where we were staying and we were surprised that we didn’t have to wait long before the two of us got seated on a four seater table. apparently jeonju is known for serving up many side dishes with your meal, and we were sure surprised with the sheer amount of sides we got including kimchi, a fresh leaf salad, beans, sweetcorn, a soup and even baby crab!

our hostel manager told us that this restaurant held 3 michelin stars so we were excited to dwell into their rice bowls. mike got the one with a stone pot, whilst i tried the one served in a metal bowl. they taste the same to be frank, it was just the appearance of it which was different. i love my raw beef too, and this was so welcoming to my taste buds.

the bibimbaps only cost us around 15,000 won each (around £10) which we found a bargain as that was the average price for one in the uk, except this was top quality. the toilet was also situated by their oriental garden which mike and i enjoyed whilst we rested our bellies.

we highly recommend this restaurant and their authentic bibimbaps in jenoju before heading over to the ‘hanok village’ where you can rent out a hanbok (a traditional korean costume) and tour around a ‘village’ of 800 korean buildings.

we left with our stomachs full, and hearts full.

-heather sham

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