i am a person of comfort. i dislike change and i dislike it for the fear of embarrassing myself. but i have also come to realise that if i had not stepped outside of my comfort zone, i wouldn’t have matured my self growth and known about my capabilities.


sport has never been my forte and i am almost certain i’ll never be able to afford bread if  i was in the sports profession. but a few weeks ago, i signed up and went along to a football camp run by my home church. the aim of the camp was not only to allow people of all abilities to develop their football skills, but also to reshape the football culture which is often categorised by scandalous behaviour and drama.


the teams were intricately grouped together and the tournament was a beautiful composure of how sports should be played in real life – fine sportsmanship, team effort, and encouragement.


of course, my football skills have been refined to say the very least during the weekend. but what’s more important are the friendships and relationships i built during my time there. i got to know some friends from sweden and norway who came all the way for this camp, as well as fellow brothers and sisters from other churches.


and to tie the knot here – challenge yourself, challenge society. be the change you wish to see in the world. and carpe diem for goodness sake!!!

-heather sham

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