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oh my dear reginald (reggie).

you are so beautiful and so loved. i knew your mumma back in year 7. we were in the same form and were in the same science and maths classes. she has a crazy amazing talent in art and paints beautiful things. one time i went over to her house after school to play with her dog roxy – we had a blast.

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i found out that you were coming into existence whilst i was in korea. little did i know that you would be one of the smiliest human beings i’ve ever met and have such a cheeky personality.

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you are so loved by the people around you. never forget that. but there’s me and azmin especially. you’ve been the glue thats reunited the three of us girls to be honest. since you’ve been born, we’ve made it a thing to find time and meet up whenever me and azmin were back from uni. and every time we met, you had grown again. (we must meet up more often.)

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i’ve been so excited to take some adorable pictures of you so that everyone can remember what a chubby baby you were. but also as a gift to skye, so she could look back and know that she’s been such an awesome mumma, and be proud of herself for doing such a good job raising a human being.

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we took these photos in kingston after hanging out in costa and some cuddles. it’s where me and your mumma grew up. you’re getting cuter by the day and developing your own personality. you’re growing some curls, your legs are getting stronger, and you’ve got little blonde eyebrows now. i hope you never grow out of your cuteness.

-heather sham

plum picking

after dinner one night, whilst visiting an old family friend in cambridge, we were given some dainty, colourful fruits which looked neither like cherries nor grapes nor tomatoes. although seemingly sour, these juicy creations turned out to be the sweetest baby plums i’ve eaten – and we could pick a box to take home too!

we were expecting a farm or some sort of plantation the next morning. but when we pulled up, it turned out to be a house our friend was about to put on the market and sell. they took us through to the garden where we found trees speckled with red and yellow fruits.

we had a blast picking the fruits at our leisure, and i managed to squeeze in some cute shots of my parents before being asked to help out on the ladder.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

-heather sham


a love song for you

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pen – muji // journal – gift // watch and bracelet – daniel wellington

“did you know the Lord is celebrating you today? even now He is singing a love song over your life.”

when i read these words, it makes me feel oh yeah great God loves me. but when i think deeper and realise that i’m imperfect and have sinned in so many ways, i feel unworthy of the love song God is singing for me.

why would God sing about such a person like me? who am i to deserve this love? who am i to deserve God’s love so that He would send His one and only son Jesus to die for me?

during my devotions this morning, i read in james 4 that our lives are like a mist, and before we know it we’ll vanish from earth. this whole thing about love is not about us – it points towards God. this life we’re living: it’s not about us because our existence is so short, but it’s about God and His infinite existence. we all need to see this bigger picture.

God loves us purely because He is love. He is so great that He will love those who are imperfect and those who are sinners (that’s you and me by the way). we’re sinners, yes, but doesn’t that elevate God’s love so much more?

when i read these words now, i know it’s not about me – but God’s big fat love for me. God’s perfect love.

-heather sham


travel diary: the best bibimbap in korea

whilst in korea, michael and i dropped by a city called jeonju, after having spent the weekend in a massive bamboo forest in gwangju with my friends james and sean – read it here! we booked into a youth hostel last minute and upon having done no planning for our holiday and befriending the hostel manager, we were introduced to ‘hanguk jip’, a restaurant known for one of the best bibimbaps in town.

the restaurant was only a short walk away from where we were staying and we were surprised that we didn’t have to wait long before the two of us got seated on a four seater table. apparently jeonju is known for serving up many side dishes with your meal, and we were sure surprised with the sheer amount of sides we got including kimchi, a fresh leaf salad, beans, sweetcorn, a soup and even baby crab!

our hostel manager told us that this restaurant held 3 michelin stars so we were excited to dwell into their rice bowls. mike got the one with a stone pot, whilst i tried the one served in a metal bowl. they taste the same to be frank, it was just the appearance of it which was different. i love my raw beef too, and this was so welcoming to my taste buds.

the bibimbaps only cost us around 15,000 won each (around £10) which we found a bargain as that was the average price for one in the uk, except this was top quality. the toilet was also situated by their oriental garden which mike and i enjoyed whilst we rested our bellies.

we highly recommend this restaurant and their authentic bibimbaps in jenoju before heading over to the ‘hanok village’ where you can rent out a hanbok (a traditional korean costume) and tour around a ‘village’ of 800 korean buildings.

we left with our stomachs full, and hearts full.

-heather sham

london bridge plus sooj.

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i met sooj 5 years ago after being placed in the same economics class. i had just moved schools for my a-level studies and she happened to be an asian girl who i could get along with. during my 2 years at that school, i hadn’t planned to make any friends; my motto was just get on with it, it’s only 2 years, why bother making friends to say bye so soon?

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it’s a weird one between sooj and i. we were never really friends during school but acknowledged each other and exchanged a few lines here and there. little did we know that we’d become such good friends and enjoy each other’s company more so after school.

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we wouldn’t meet up that often despite living only 15 minutes away from each other. but when we do, it’s like we’ve always known each other and we would share what’s been going on in our lives (ahem, boy troubles), and everything in between.

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i always believed that sooj had a model face – check her out on instagram @soojiloves. so whenever we would meet up, i’d bring my camera with me and we’d look for what we call aesthetic, instagram places for a fun relaxed photo shoot.

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we happened to go into central london that day as sooj wanted to visit an art gallery there. we dwelled amongst its minimalism and then headed for pizza at franco manca before carrying a pizza box around london bridge for a few snaps.

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it’s friendships like these which i really love. we don’t have to try hard to meet up and maintain contact all the time – but when we do, it’s like nothing has changed between us.

-heather sham