heather sham.

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after a coffee, half an oat and raisin cookie, two glasses of wine and a scoop of thyme ice cream later – i came up with my blog name: heather sham.

this is who i am. this is my identity. apart from also being a daughter, a sister, a creator, a student, and a precious child of God. ‘heather sham’ embodies all these things – and more.

blogging is not alien to me – i’ve been doing it since the 12th february 2011, but having lost inspiration and reached an unhealthy mental state i had placed my blog to a halt last year. it was not that i wasn’t constantly rehearsing words in my head or that i wasn’t interested in exhibiting all my thoughts creatively in the form of writing and photography, but that i feared vulnerability and portraying my weaknesses to the world. that a healthy, confident girl who is studying law at university, has a gift for music and art, and welcomed in a loving family, is still struggling with the notion of perfection and loneliness.

lately, i’ve been craving the thought of reading a good book and deepening my relationship with God again. having scrambled through my uni boxes which i should’ve unpacked 3 months ago, i came across a small, crimson paperback called ‘crazy love’ by francis chan. i had read this once before, a few years ago, but did it as fast as i could to be satisfied by the thought that i can finish a whole book. little did i know that as i reread the words on the page would i realise that i had forgotten about the truth of God’s love for me for so long. i knew it, accepted it and believed it – but never had i thought so deep and hard about it and realised what it actually meant for me; as an imperfect human being, as someone who is saved by Christ and redeemed by Jesus. i need not worry about anything but to use my life to reflect God’s crazy love for us and glorify him on my frontline.

so why the new blog?

in short, i have simply outgrown my old blog. this is a statement about me accepting who i am as a person, what it means to be heather sham, the highs and also the lows of being heather sham, and most of all what it is like to be a heather sham who is soooo loved by the big G up there. because of this, i do not fear change, growth or the future.

embrace who you are and love yourself. because God loves you – more than anyone or anything in this world.

-heather sham

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